Week Six Game Preview: Cobras vs Lions


GREENSBORO- The Carolina Cobras (4-1) are taking on the Columbus Lions (2-1) in Columbus, Georgia on May 12, 2018. The Cobras just won their fourth-consecutive game, looking high at that number one position, but will it last as the Cobras are challenged by a high-scoring Lions team led by head coach Jason Gibson.

Last week against the Lehigh Valley Steelhawks (0-4), the Cobras demolished every part of the game. No matter who’s perspective the game is in, the game was an absolute blowout with the score being 65-3 with the Cobras on top. The only points scored by the Steelhawks were made in the final seconds of the game off of a field goal. The offense looked very impressive with Quarterback Charles McCullum tossed for 200 yards and seven touchdowns, a record-high in touchdowns in a game for the Cobras.

The defense last week also proved to be the best in the league, coming up with seven interceptions, also another record for the Cobras, and is also an All-time NAL record for the most interceptions made by a defense. Defensive Back Jermaine Jones started things off with a quick Pick-Six, then Tyrell Goodman had three interceptions and seven sacks. NAL’s Defensive Player of the Week, Dwayne Beckford, came down with seven tackles and five sacks against the Steelhawks. The defensive unit looks to put a lot of pressure on the quarterback and force turnovers to give the Cobras offense a boost.

Someone to look out for in this game is Phillip Barnett. Barnett has all momentum on his side, earning Special Teams Player of the Week last week against the Steelhawks, and is looking to do more with that talent. On offense, he contributes by making unbelievable catches, helping the offense score, and rack up yards. On the special teams portion of the game, Barnett helped his kicker by not having a single bad snap, recovering an onside kick, and making a tackle on a kickoff to keep the opponents from scoring.

On the defense, there is rising talent everywhere, whether it’s the linemen improving, linebackers getting more than what is necessary, or the defensive backs blocking passes and snagging the ball to get interceptions. There is one player that had an incredible game last week, which is Defensive Back Cedrick Poole. Poole is improving every single week and finds ways to get the ball or shut down the receiver. With his improvement thus far, he should do very well against the Lions on Saturday.

This Saturday’s game will be streamed live on YouTube. For more information on how to watch, posts will be made on game day, showing how fans can watch the game online.


The Carolina Cobras are members of the National Arena League (NAL). Founded in 2017, the Carolina Cobras will play their inaugural season in 2018 at the Greensboro Coliseum.  Cobra Season Ticket Memberships are on sale now call (336) 445-7232 or visit carcobras.com. Follow the Cobras on Facebook at facebook.com/carcobras, twitter.com/carcobras and instagram.com/carcobras.

The National Arena League was founded in 2016 and hosted its inaugural season in 2017 as the premier league in arena football. The National Arena League will kick off its second season in April of 2018. For more information regarding expansion opportunities or partnerships, contact Commissioner Chris Siegfried at chris@nationalarenaleague.com or Expansion Chairman Jeff Bouchy at jeff@nationalarenaleague.com. For more information about the NAL visit www.nationalarenaleague.com, facebook.com/nationalarenaleauge, twitter.com/NALfootball, Instagram.com/natiionalarenaleague.

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