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Jersey Flight Football, Inc. is pleased to announce the kick-off of the Jersey Flight Football Team

jersey flight

Jersey Flight Football, Inc. is pleased to announce the kick-off of the Jersey Flight Football Team (NAL) playing their home games at Sun National Bank Center, Trenton, New Jersey, starting in the Spring of 2018. In a historic business development, Jersey Flight Football, Inc. will be the first African American 100 percent owned New Jersey sports franchise including an African American Woman Majority Director. Season Tickets will be going on sale starting in May of 2017. Official press announcement will occur on Monday, March 20, 2017 at 1pm at the Sun National Bank Center, Trenton, NJ.

Also officially launching that day is the non-profit organization Jersey Flight Community. The mission of Jersey Flight Community is to be a social impact organization that aims to promote a lifelong enjoyment of sports, while emphasizing a positive community engagement and instilling the core values of discipline, teamwork, safety, respect and integrity. Jersey Flight Community looks to identify and invest in long term strategic partnerships throughout the communities in which we operate. Our organization will allocate capital resources, provide infrastructural and financial support, working alongside our management team to enhance best practices and identify and explore growth opportunities.

The National Arena League (NAL) is celebrating its inaugural season in 2017. Playing with eight teams spread across the eastern and southern United States (with one team in Mexico), the league’s regular season will kick off on March 17, 2017. For more information, please visit: http://www.nationalarenaleague.com

Contact Information:

  • Jersey Flight Football, Inc. 1.877.339.2338
  • Samuel Davis, Jr – Owner
  • Kyna Felder-Ruiz – Owner
  • Kathrina Nease – Senior Director Business Development
  • Dean Stevenson – Director Creative & Strategic Development  dstevenson@jerseyflightfootball.com
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