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Steel Sign 10 players from recent tryouts to roster

monterrey steel helmet

Monterrey Steel is proud to confirm that during the month of January 2017, has signed his contract to participate in the training camp, a total of 10 players who have had a full training in Mexico.

In the next few weeks will be signing other great players Mexicans.

Players Signed are:

  1. - Alcides Benitez (DB)
  2. - Carlos Escalante (DB)
  3. - Carlos Escamilla (DB)
  4. - Carlos Garza (WR)
  5. - Edgar Cavazos (ol)
  6. - Jair Viamontes (WR)
  7. - Luis Gomez Brull (QB)
  8. - Luis Moreno (DB)
  9. - Mario Soto (DL)
  10. - Sergio Schiaffino (DB)
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