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Monterrey Steel, to the 'hunting' of talent


The squadron regia made its second try out in Gaspar Mass yesterday, with which it looks for to form the roster that will start the Season 2017, agreed for the next 20 of March

With the firm objective of selecting the best elements to form a competitive team for the next season of the National Arena League of football, the team Monterrey Steel made a try out yesterday at the Gaspar Mass Stadium , where there were Mexicans from Different equipment.

At noon, the team's head coach, Johny Anderson, led the activity attended by Carlos Escamilla, Carlos Escalante and Óscar Reta, all from the Autonomous University of Nuevo León; Miguel Barrueto, of the Tecnológico de Monterrey, Jair Viamontes, of the University of the Valley of Mexico, among others.

This was the second ' try out ' made by Monterrey Steel , precisely in search of forming the team, which will also be American players.

In the Gaspar Mass were quarterback Kasey Peters and runner London Crawford , from the American football of the United States, who will play with the regiomontano team.

Tests of speed in 40 yards, individual to see the speed, activity of man to men, cones, among other things were the activities that submitted to the team.

Anderson said "it will be a mix of the best American and Mexican players, it's the beginning of something very big. There are 40 players who will go to the training camp and from there will be chosen 24 players.

The head coach indicated that three elements will be in reserve, but that there could be a rotation inside the roster during the season, which will start on March 20. A week earlier will have a preseason game against the Cap City Bulls of Austin.

Within the activity, there was also a selection of cheerleaders, who will have to go through a filter and then determine which will be the ones that will stay for the entire campaign.

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