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National Arena League Unveils 2020 Schedule

national arena league

Two Champions Faceoff in NAL Season Opener 

JACKSONVILLE – After much anticipation, the National Arena League is excited to announce it’s 2020 schedule. The schedule unveiling comes as the league undergoes it’s annual winter meetings where executives from each team join to collaborate on league goals & advancements for the upcoming season. This year, the league meetings are being held in Jacksonville. 2020 will mark the fourth season of the National Arena League after three successful years as a premier league in arena football. The league will feature seven teams from across the eastern United States including the defending Champion Jacksonville Sharks, the Columbus Lions, Massachusetts Pirates, Carolina Cobras, Orlando Predators, Jersey Flight, and West Virginia Roughriders. A full-length regular season and postseason schedule are presented at the bottom of this article. For any media questions or requests for availability contact chris@nationalarenaleague.com .

The National Arena League will officially start the 2020 season with their kickoff classic. Which features the 2019 NAL Champion Jacksonville Sharks vs. the West Virginia Roughriders, winners of the 2019 American Arena League Championship after a 10-0 regular season. The season opener will take place Saturday, April 4th in Wheeling, West Virginia. The National Arena League will have a 16-week regular-season schedule, each team will have three bye weeks, and each team will play each other at least twice which includes one home and one away match up. 

Following the regular season, the top four teams will be eligible for a playoff berth where the number one seed will face the number 4 seed and the second & third seed will face off in the NAL Playoffs Saturday, July 25th. Each winner will enjoy a bye week before advancing the National Arena League Championship game which will take place Saturday, August 8th. The highest seeded team will host the 2020 National Arena League Championship game. See below for full 2020 National Arena Schedule, the time of each game will be provided by each home team and the dates of the postseason games are subject to change.  

National Arena League Regular Season Schedule
- Week 1 -
National Arena League Kickoff Classic
Sat. April 4. Jacksonville @ West Virginia
BYE: Columbus, New Jersey, Carolina, Orlando, Massachusetts.

- Week 2 -
Fri. April 10. West Virginia @ Carolina
Sat. April 11. Jacksonville @ New Jersey
Sat. April 11. Orlando @ Massachusetts
BYE: Columbus.

- Week 3 -
Fri. April 17. Jacksonville @ Columbus
Sat. April 18. New Jersey @ Massachusetts

Sat. April 18. Carolina @ West Virginia
BYE: Orlando

- Week 4 -
Sat. April 25. Orlando @ Carolina
Sat. April 25. Columbus @ New Jersey
Sat. April 25. Massachusetts @ Jacksonville
BYE: West Virginia

- Week 5 -
Fri. May 1. Massachusetts @ New Jersey
Sat. May 2. Orlando @ Columbus
Sat. May 2. West Virginia @ Jacksonville
BYE: Carolina 

- Week 6 -

Fri. May 8. Carolina @ Massachusetts

Sat. May 9. Jacksonville @ Orlando

Sat. May 9. New Jersey @ West Virginia
BYE: Columbus

- Week 7 -
Sat. May 16. Massachusetts @ Carolina
Sat. May 16. Orlando @ Jacksonville
Sun. May 17. New Jersey @ Columbus

BYE: West Virginia 

- Week 8  -
Fri. May 22. Massachusetts @ Orlando
Sat. May 23. Columbus @ West Virginia

BYE: New Jersey, Carolina, Jacksonville

- Week 9 -
Sat. May 30. Columbus @ Jacksonville 

Sat. May 30. New Jersey @ Carolina

Sat. May 30. West Virginia @ Massachusetts

BYE: Orlando 

- Week 10 -

Fri. June 5. New Jersey @ Orlando

Sat. June 6. West Virginia @ Columbus 

Sat. June 6. Carolina @ Jacksonville
BYE: Massachusetts

- Week 11 -  

Sat. June 13. Columbus @ Massachusetts
Sat. June 13. West Virginia @ Orlando 

Sat. June 13. Carolina @ New Jersey

BYE: Jacksonville

- Week 12 -
Sat. June 20. Jacksonville @ Carolina

Sat. June 20. Orlando @ West Virginia 

Sat. June 20. New Jersey @ Massachusetts
BYE: Columbus

- Week 13 -
Sat. June 27. Massachusetts @ Columbus
Sat. June 27. New Jersey @ Jacksonville
Sun. June 28. Carolina @ Orlando
BYE: West Virginia 

- Week 14 -

Thu. July 2. West Virginia @ New Jersey
Fri. July 3. Columbus @ Orlando
BYE: Jacksonville, Carolina, Massachusetts

- Week 15 - 
Sat. July 11. Jacksonville @ Massachusetts
Sat. July 11. Orlando @ New Jersey
Sat. July 11. Columbus @ Carolina
BYE: West Virginia

- Week 16 -
Sat. July 18. Carolina @ Columbus
Sat. July 18. Orlando @ Jacksonville
Sat. July 18. Massachusetts @ West Virginia 

BYE: New Jersey

- National Arena League Playoffs -
Sat. July 25. #4 Seed @ #1 Seed
Sat. July 25. #3 Seed @ #2 Seed

- 2020 National Arena League Championship -

Sat. Aug 8. TBD @ TBD


The National Arena League was founded in 2016 and hosted its inaugural season in 2017 as the premier league in arena football. For more information regarding expansion opportunities or partnerships, contact Commissioner Chris Siegfried at chris@nationalarenaleague.com . For more information about the NAL visit w ww.nationalarenaleague.com, facebook.com/nationalarenaleauge, twitter.com/NALfootball, Instagram.com/nationalarenaleague.

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